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Cap Gun

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The Bottle Opening Lid Launcher 🔫🤩

This gadget is THE LIFE OF ANY PARTY 🎯🔫🤪🍾 See who has the best aim among y'all and the winner gets a free drink! YUH YUH YUH 🥳🥂🍻

Shoot your bottle caps into the garbage without even standing up! ✅

Easy to use and durable build quality made of ABS, Metal, and Magnets. 🛠 

The IDEAL GIFT for family, friends, even strangers. Christmas, thanksgiving, even just a regular day. 🤩🎉🍾🎈🎁🎄🪅🥂 You can even buy a gift for yourself! 🥰

⚠️ WARNING: Do NOT aim it at anything alive. Keep away from children. ⚠️